Nicola Wardell

Managing Director, Specsavers Creative

Nicola spent the first 25 years of her career in London Ad agencies. Latterly, she was a Managing Partner at Grey London and Chief Client Officer at Havas. In these roles she led a combination of Global and Local business.

In 2019 Nic made the decision to leave Ad land, to lead the in house Agency at Specsavers.   She is of the firm belief that the better the relationship with clients, the greater the work. (She sites her previous partnerships with McVitie’s and Heathrow as excellent examples of this) and was excited by the opportunity to be part of a Marketing Leadership Team and influence from within.

The other obvious draw to Specsavers was the brand’s reputation for producing excellent creative work.  This remains an important part of Nic’s love for the business. But she is now equally enamoured with the organisation as a whole – from its warm & human culture, to the important role it plays in the lives of its 43 million customers.  She sees her role leading Specsavers Creative as having two halves; to make great work & To make the Agency a great place to work. The output of her team is proof that these two goals don’t have to be mutually exclusive.