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Why TV Still Matters - A Conversation with Paramount’s Ben Frow

What’s behind TV’s enduring significance in today’s media landscape? In this opening fireside chat, Paramount UK’s Content Chief Ben Frow and Campaign UK editor-in-chief Gideon Spanier delve into the timeless role that TV plays in our lives, its continued relevance in the digital age and its unique ability to connect with audiences and impact culture through the power of great British storytelling.

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Industry Pulse - Adaptability, Threats and Innovation

Our dynamic panel discussion of industry leaders will build upon our opening conversation, by providing in-depth discussions on the growing opportunities in TV, as well as address some of the biggest challenges to the industry right now, from the shifts in media mix planning and the evolution of TV beyond linear, to performance marketing and audience measurement. Navigating these challenges requires adaptability, data-driven strategies and a willingness to explore innovative formats and measurement models to ensure the continued effectiveness of TV advertising in the UK market.

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Why We Watch

“Co-creating Culture: How Viewers Inform and Influence the Content They Love” explores the evolving relationship between viewers and video content. While the world of AV is getting more complex every day, viewers are seamlessly navigating an almost unlimited amount of choice; this session shares the latest research for Google which helps us make sense of why audiences find these journeys so easy. 


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Stream 1: Tech and Metric Mastery

How to Navigate Transformation & Innovation

Stream 2: Creative Excellence

How to Master The Art of Captivation

Cross-Media Measurement in a Convergent World

This session will delve into strategies and solutions for brands and advertisers seeking to navigate the complexities of measuring ROI and performance in a fragmented marketing ecosystem. Our expert panel will explore the tools, methodologies, and best practices that enable comprehensive measurement, ensuring that marketing efforts across TV, digital, and beyond are optimised, accountable and aligned.

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The Science of Magic - Bringing a Data Driven Approach into the Creative Process

In this session our experts will explore the impact and importance of leveraging data and the impact of AI to drive and craft effective advertising strategies that truly connect. Discover how effective media planning and data-driven testing can refine creative concepts, lead to performance optimisation and increased ROI.

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Brand Spotlight - Cadburys

Big Small: Trying to be as tiny and quiet as humanly possible in order to have a massive global TV impact

Chris and Jonny are the Executive Creative Directors leading VCCP and also the creative minds behind Cadbury's 'There's a Glass in a Half in Everyone' message. Presenting a unique exploration into the creative journey behind long-running and impactful campaigns, they demonstrate the value of relatability and memorability. In their words they are: "Trying to be as tiny and quiet as humanly possible in order to have a massive global TV impact." By unlocking the power of moments of connection and generosity, over big shouty campaigns, they have hit on a winning formula which allows viewers to engage more deeply with a brand, leaving a lasting legacy.

Brand Spotlight - Moonpig

From Jingles to Mascots: A Journey of Enduring Brand Creativity

From iconic TV jingles that instantly put a brand front of mind, to beloved mascots that have become part of our cultural fabric, this session explores the art of crafting lasting brand creative that stands the test of time. Discover the secrets behind Moonpig’s creative journey and explore the longevity and adaptability of unforgettable brand creative.

Accessibility in Advertising

There’s an imperative need for inclusivity in TV advertising, particularly for the millions of individuals in the UK who suffer from hearing and sight impairments. Despite the prevalence of accessible features such as subtitles and audio description on TV programming, many TV ads remain inaccessible to this demographic. This session will highlight the economic, moral, and social imperative of inclusive advertising and provide actionable steps for brands, agencies, broadcasters, and publishers to make advertising accessible to all audiences.

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The Clash Between TV Audiences and Internet Users - Is Addressability the Answer?

In an era where TV and internet cultures collide, the clash between traditional TV audiences and digital-savvy internet users presents both challenges and opportunities. Join us for an insightful and provocative discussion into how Addressable TV is striving to close the gap between these two worlds. We'll delve into the unique challenges faced in the UK market and discuss strategies to navigate the collision of TV and internet cultures, ultimately reshaping the future of advertising as we know it.

Brand Spotlight - E45

TV’s Role in Creative Development & Capturing New Audiences - The Story So Far

This brand spotlight session will delve into the journey of E45, a trusted skincare brand, in need of a little TLC. Discover the role TV advertising played in E45's recent relaunch and rebranding efforts and explore the challenges and strategies for accelerated growth. Gain unique insights into the brand's story post-acquisition and how it’s igniting enduring connection, popularity and charm with TV audiences and beyond.

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Unlocking and Understanding CTV’s Evolving Landscape

It could be argued that Connected TV (CTV) is the most exciting new frontier in digital advertising. But the true scale of this media opportunity is only just beginning to be understood, and marketers can find themselves at the crossroads of innovation and uncertainty. This session delves into the shifting perceptions of marketers, bridging the gap between TV and CTV, and unravelling the true value proposition of these platforms. We'll demystify the intricacies of CTV, understanding its incremental value and the strategic considerations when advertising on major platforms like Amazon and Netflix, whilst exploring the measurement and effectiveness of non-linear TV for advertisers.

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What Makes A Remarkable TV Ad?

In the realm of TV advertising, storytelling reigns supreme. Our panel of seasoned storytellers, creative visionaries, and industry experts will delve into the extraordinary influence of storytelling in shaping TV campaigns that captivate audiences and drive results. From heartwarming narratives to humorous tales, discover how storytelling can be harnessed to create impactful, enduring, and effective TV ad campaigns and its impact on brand equity.

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Brand Spotlight - giffgaff The TV Strategy Behind giffgaff’s Repositioning Success

As marketers the advances in TV technology can be tough to keep up with, whilst understanding all the opportunities they offer to connect you to your audience. Gain insights and learnings behind giffgaff’s latest creative repositioning, and what strategies they used to broaden reach and target consumers.

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Brand Spotlight - Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM)

Gain insights behind the process, strategy and creative drive behind Cannes Lions’ Film Grands Prix winner, The Last Photo. Discover how the power of emotion and storytelling through a 90-second TV ad, can lead to impressive, tangible results.


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Behind the Screen with MiQ: Unlocking the ROI of CTV

It’s no secret that the way people are watching TV is changing as more viewers are tuning into CTV channels like SVOD and AVOD. So what does this change mean for marketers and TV planners who are noticing a diminishing return on their linear TV spend? According to MiQ’s Behind the Screen report, 55% of advertisers in the UK are looking to invest in CTV in 2024. Join MiQ and our partner at Havas where we'll showcase an award-shortlisted UKTV case study that delves into how CTV advertising is backed-up by effective and granular TV intelligence, resulting in tangible results.


Branded Content Evolution - Is this the Next Generation of TV Engagement?

In the rapidly evolving landscape of television and marketing, branded content has emerged as a powerful tool for brands seeking to engage with their audiences beyond sponsorship and product placement. Our panel will explore the role of branded content in today's media landscape and discuss whether brands are now venturing into co-creating TV shows to capture the attention of new customers. As this practice opens up a new revenue stream for production companies and television experts, our panel will explore strategies for capitalising on this trend, examine the influence of brand funding on TV entertainment, and consider how the television industry can uphold its high-quality standards.

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The Power of Drama - How Mr Bates vs The Post Office Changed the TV Landscape

In the landscape of television drama, certain productions have transcended entertainment to become catalysts for social change. Mr. Bates vs The Post Office emerges as a standout example, defying expectations with its unprecedented ability to ignite public discourse and prompt direct political action. Our conversation will examine this unique phenomenon, and explore reasons why it provoked such a vast reaction and worldwide demand for attention. We’ll discuss the implications for the future of TV drama and the portrayal of real-life issues, and how this will influence the strategies of broadcasters seeking to attract advertisers.

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Panel: Charting the Future - What Truly Matters to Brands in TV Advertising

In this session industry leaders and brand experts will delve into the most pressing challenges, evolving priorities, and transformative ideas shaping the future of TV advertising. Join us as we unpack what matters most to brands in the TV landscape, explore their key concerns, and chart a course for the collaborative strategies required to navigate a dynamic and ever-evolving TV advertising landscape.

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